Content Performance Analytics

Content Performance Analytics and new Facebook Messenger Button

Another month, another update. Following our latest changes, we keep pushing our social media analytics and content performance analytics even further and changed the structure of our more in-depth analysis pages. As we add more functionalities to our product, we always look back and try to understand if the User Experience is still simple and intuitive. Some of our previous and current changes reflect that attitude and this update is no exception. After reshaping our […]

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Tools to Make Content People Love

How to create content your audience will love

Publishing content these days is a piece of cake. The Internet is wide open to everybody. Write a couple of words, press Enter and it’s live. No limits. Making this content interesting, original and valuable, however, requires expertise. And you need the right tools to make content shine. The audience’s attention is a challenge. You need to meet many requirements and what used to mattered years or even months ago, doesn’t work today. People have […]

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Dark Social - Copy Paste Shares

Dark Social Shares and how to REALLY track them (and why you should do it)

You might have heard the term Dark Social before, read something about it and even how to estimate how much this traffic represents for your website (Google URL builder, anyone?). But we have a solution that requires less effort and is much more effective than that. If you don’t know what Dark Social is, you can read all about it in our case-study. Don’t worry, we’ll wait for you! A quick summary: Dark social is […]

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