GetSocial Product Update - April 2016 - Messaging Apps

Product Update: the Messaging Apps Frenzy is HERE!

Welcome to the messaging apps share frenzy! Hey, everyone! Our monthly product update just came back from a small hiatus with a great feature to users who are executing a mobile first approach to content creation. We’ve updated our share bars with new channels so it’s easier for your users to share your content through private messaging apps such as: WhatsApp Viber Line Slack SMS Yes, never underestimate the power of SMS. Did you know […]

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Dark Social Publishers Traffic

Shedding Light on Dark Social: a Publisher’s Case

Sharing has changed. Social has changed. Dark Social has risen. Non-voice time spent on mobile devices is expected to grow by 403% in just 5 years while every other traditional medium will lose usage. You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘the medium is the message’ but socially, in a mobile environment, the message is the medium.   Truth is, sharing on mobile is either personal or confined to small groups of people. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Slack, […]

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GetSocial Team

Transparency, our #1 value – A note about Customer Support

Hello, we’re GetSocial. Nice to finally meet you. You’ve probably heard these names, you’ve probably talked to us, we’ve probably (and hopefully) helped you. You are the one making GetSocial possible but these are the people who are there, every day, to help you. We’re four. We share a couple of tables in an office in Lisbon, Portugal. We’re GetSocial, nice to finally meet you. Together, we defined our core values for this company. Transparency […]

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Reaction Buttons

Introducing GetSocial Reaction Buttons

Let’s face it. Human emotions are much more complex than a simple ‘like’. Over the past few years, with the rise of Facebook, we’ve standardized the way we react to news, pictures, video and mainly every other media format that is shared on social media. However, as this evolved, we kept losing our tone and our voices to that simple magic button. Now you have the power to change that. Capitalizing on Facebook’s view to […]

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