5 Keys to Boost your eCommerce Blog

5 Ways to Boost your eCommerce Blog

An eCommerce blog can be a fantastic way to improve the performance of your eCommerce store. It helps you bridge the gap that lies between online and physical store and it gives you an opportunity to talk to and engage with your customers. It can give you industry authority, too. And, most importantly, it can increase your traffic and give you more opportunities to generate revenue. That said, it’s vital to get it right. A […]

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Measure Publisher Attention

How measuring Attention can drive publishers traffic – Introducing Engagement Score

Scarcity: Today, that should be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Social Marketing. Facebook et al. are making it harder for everyone to organically reach their audiences. The news feed is a hard place to live in and we’ve seen customers with 500.000 monthly visits with little to no social engagement. Of course, this shouldn’t come as unexpected. Those leading the social media space (Schaefer, Pulizzi, Rose et al.) predicted […]

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Google Analytics + GetSocial

How to attribute Social Traffic in Google Analytics

Here at GetSocial we’re lucky to have an incredible community of bloggers, website and business owners giving precious feedback about our product every day. It was our user’s requests that lead us to recently improve the UX of our Content and Social Analytics (Part 1 and Part 2), among other changes. One of the top insights we got from their feedback was that we needed to export better data to Google Analytics. And in an easy […]

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How to recover your Facebook social share count

Due to recent updates Facebook’s API, millions of websites lost their Facebook actions’ values. For some, this was a business breaker. Popular services like SharedCount and ShareTally are shutting down. In fact, if you Google “Share Count” you’ll find a graveyard of websites that no longer work properly. What happened to share count services? Well, it’s kind of a trend. Back in October 2015, Twitter decided to shut down its shares count API. After Gnip’s acquisition, […]

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Introduction to Google AMP

What is Google AMP and How to Use It

Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is quickly gaining traction amongst publishers and SEO experts. If you haven’t seen the news lately, AMP is Google’s response to Facebook’s Instant Articles. It is an open source project aimed at speeding up the mobile rendering experience while browsing the web, so even if you’re on a slow internet connection on your mobile you could load a web page almost instantly. AMP puts mobile browsing experience a step forward. […]

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