Our New Virality Score is live

Social isn’t getting any easier, we know. For the last two years, we’ve been helping 130.000 websites improve their online presence. Our focus has been and will continue to be on making the most out of your content in social networks. Earlier this year we launched GetSocial’s Virality Score. It was a measure of how your content was performing on each social channel it was shared on. And we just launched a new, improved version […]

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5 interactive social media campaigns using Typeform

Let’s face it, social media marketing has become a one-sided affair. Brands publish content, promote their social media campaigns, and share photos, videos, and articles. 6000 tweets are sent every single second. News feeds are now so saturated that potential customers hit “unfollow” before you can say “information overload.” So how do you make your content seem more than just a tiny speck in the social media universe? 1. Create a quiz What’s an easy […]

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Referral Program

Awarding our users – Introducing GetSocial’s Referral Program

It’s been a ride. We’re now 120.000 websites strong and we’re interacting with hundreds of users every week. You all know how crazy we are for feedback and learning from you and many have asked us this before: “do you guys have a referral program?”. The answer has been “not yet”. But not today. Today we are proud to say: “Yes, we do!”. We’re happy to announce that we’ve just launched GetSocial’s Referral Program. We’re giving a big […]

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5 Keys to Boost your eCommerce Blog

5 Ways to Boost your eCommerce Blog

An eCommerce blog can be a fantastic way to improve the performance of your eCommerce store. It helps you bridge the gap that lies between online and physical store and it gives you an opportunity to talk to and engage with your customers. It can give you industry authority, too. And, most importantly, it can increase your traffic and give you more opportunities to generate revenue. That said, it’s vital to get it right. A […]

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Measure Publisher Attention

How measuring Attention can drive publishers traffic – Introducing Engagement Score

Scarcity: Today, that should be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Social Marketing. Facebook et al. are making it harder for everyone to organically reach their audiences. The news feed is a hard place to live in and we’ve seen customers with 500.000 monthly visits with little to no social engagement. Of course, this shouldn’t come as unexpected. Those leading the social media space (Schaefer, Pulizzi, Rose et al.) predicted […]

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