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Awarding our users - Introducing GetSocial's Referral Program

It's been a ride. We're now 120.000 websites strong and we're interacting with hundreds of users every week.

You all know how crazy we are for feedback and learning from you and many have asked us this before: "do you guys have a referral program?".

The answer has been "not yet". But not today. Today we are proud to say: "Yes, we do!".

We're happy to announce that we've just launched GetSocial's Referral Program. We're giving a big discount to anyone who subscribes to any of our paid plans, through an existing GetSocial customer.

What's in it for me? - you ask.

For our beloved customers who are kind enough to recommend us to their friends & connections, we'll provide GetSocial credit ($). It's actually quite easy to cover your monthly subscription with this.

Here's how everything breaks down. If you get us a paid customer, we'll award you with:

  • $3 per Starter plan;
  • $10 per Insights Plan;
  • $25 per Enterprise Plan; 

We don't set any limits on what you can earn. If you generate enough, we're happy to provide a lifetime GetSocial account to you.

How does it work? 

  1. Log into your GetSocial Account
  2. Click on Billing > Referrals Program (you can also click the new $ icon on the top right side)
  3. Use the buttons below to share with your friends or copy and paste your referral link


GetSocial Referral

The referral code should be used when upgrading:

GetSocial Referral Code

Be aware that this is the v1 of the referral program and we would love to have your feedback. If you need more info or want to give your opinion, just reply to this email :)

Keep up the great work!