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How to add free Social Sharing Buttons on Wordpress

**Update notice**: Since we wrote this post we've had almost 100,000 downloads of our WordPress plugin. We've also improved it a lot so we're doing a remake of this blog post, to make it actual and effective. 

You're probably looking for some fine-looking social share buttons for your WordPress website, right? Look no more, we've got your back.

GetSocial is like an app store for all your social media needs. In our plugin, you'll find all sorts of tools that can help you grow your shares, traffic & conversions. It's super easy to install and no code is required (it's that easy).

You can find the official plugin download page here: Today, however, I'd like to walk you through the installation process using the Wordpress Plugin Menu, which I hope you find easier and more intuitive.

Step 1 - Browsing the Plugin Database 

We recommend your search for "GetSocial Share Buttons". You'll find our plugin which is called WP Share Buttons & Analytics by GetSocial.

Wordpress Social Sharing Buttons - Plugin

Step 2 - Installing the Plugin

The next step is installing our plugin and, as you know, Wordpress makes your live easier on this one. You just have to click on Install Now and the plugin will magically be installed. Make sure you activate the plugin once it's installed.

Step 3 - Activating your account

You're one step away from starting to use GetSocial on your website. Just activate your account on this screen and you'll be ready to go.

Share buttons for wordpress

Step 4 - Welcome to GetSocial Apps & Analytics

Congrats! Everything's ready for you. You're now in the app store and you can start installing your favorite apps. These apps are divided in categories:

  • Sharing Apps
  • Following Apps
  • Tracking & Engagement
  • eCommerce & Integrations

GetSocial - Social Sharing Apps WordPress

Step 5 - Installing Social Sharing Buttons

The last step is to install the apps you want on your website. No code required, it's that easy. I'd like you to visit is the Horizontal Share Bar. This is, by far, the most used feature in GetSocial. The following GIF will walk you through the installation of this app on your website.

Install Share Buttons on WordPress

We hope this post helps you install our apps in a simpler, happier and faster way.

Let us know if you need help.