Product Updates

GetSocial is constantly innovating and trying to improve our product for you. Don’t miss out on any product updates, where we will explain all of our features and how you can use them to your advantage.

Our latest product update: Introducing Top Locations (a map view of shares and social referrals)

Product updates: November 2019

Missing updates from us? Don’t worry, we haven’t gone anywhere.  We’ve got quite a few tweaks and improvements to enrich…

10 months ago

Introducing GetSocial’s new Report Builder

At GetSocial, we know just how important numbers are.  It’s hard to argue against accurate data and, therefore, easy for…

12 months ago

Introducing Top Locations: a map view of shares and social referrals

Digital media democratized the access to information. In this bits and bytes era, the place you're at or where you're…

2 years ago

Introducing Recirculation: a key metric for measuring audience loyalty

Over the past few months we’ve been working on developing a handful of new features, including Conversions and Influencers, which…

2 years ago

Introducing Conversions: event tracker for all your social media activities

When Drucker and Lord Kelvin said "If you can't measure it, you can't improve it" I'm sure they weren't thinking…

2 years ago

Introducing Influencers: a new way to measure influencer impact and ROI

It’s not news: ads suck. As our digital experiences shift to mobile, much of the 2000’s madness with banner advertising…

2 years ago

Product update: GDPR tools for you and your audience

Hello everyone, the product team would like to let you know about some updates we've made to our product to…

2 years ago

Product Update: Improved Real-Time Social Alerts

With the latest update on our Automation Feature we built a series of options that made that feature super flexible…

3 years ago

Mobile Total Shares is now available

Hi there and a Happy New Year! We’re still quite full from endless festive meals during the last days. As…

3 years ago