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7 Inspiring Publishers on Instagram That You Can Learn From

If you’re a local publisher or someone who just started out in the publishing industry, you surely are determined to…

1 year ago

Instagram for Publishers: Harnessing the Platform’s Full Potential

In June 2018, Instagram was reported to have 1 billion monthly active users. One year later, I think we can…

1 year ago

7 of the Best B2B Social Media Strategy Examples

There’s something that social media marketers often don’t want to admit: even if they hear about strategy planning a lot,…

1 year ago

Influencer Marketing Case Study: How to Leverage Micro-Influencers

It takes two to tango, they say, but even that has changed. In 2015, Adidas created the Tango Squad: an…

1 year ago

Is Facebook Marketing Over for Publishers in 2019?

There’s no denying that Facebook is the main social media channel for marketing, whether you’re in a B2C or B2B…

1 year ago

Influencer Outreach: 5 Key Tips & Templates

There are many ways you can go about influencer outreach. It can be a time-consuming task to figure out the…

2 years ago

How to Execute & Measure Influencer Marketing ROI in B2B Marketing

We’ve all heard of influencer marketing. If you haven’t, you’re missing out on an opportunity to drive 11 times more…

2 years ago

Video content isn’t going anywhere and here’s why

In a world filled up with words, capturing the attention of your audience is getting harder and harder. But fear…

2 years ago

10 FREE tools to help you grow your business

“Most businesses actually get zero distribution channels to work. Poor distribution — not product — is the number one cause…

5 years ago