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How to add free social sharing buttons to Shopify

In the era of social media many websites still don't use social sharing to increase their traffic and drive their business. At GetSocial we know the power of the social user. In fact, in the last few months, we've proven that users who share are more engaged, more active and more profitable than those who don't.

We recently launched our Wordpress plugin which is getting great results for our wordpress users. In the last weeks, we've been getting a lot of feedback from online stores asking us if we're developing any tool for the eCommerce world. With that in mind, we're proud to announce that GetSocial launched an integration with Shopify to simplify effective social sharing.

This integration enables marketers to easily install social share buttons with analytics in their Shopify online stores.

By doing so, these marketers will be able to understand which social networks, products and users are contributing the most to their traffic and conversions.

Social Sharing Buttons for Shopify - Installation Guide

(1) To install our Shopify App go here: and click the button Get App (you must be logged in into your Shopify account)

Free Social Sharing Buttons for Shopify


(2) Accept the request permissions by clicking on Install Free Social Sharing Buttons with Analytics by GetSocial

Install Free Social Share buttons by GetSocial


You're now able to easily install our social media tracking apps. Here's an awesome example from one of our Shopify customers, a Norwegian super foods online store:

Shopify Customer

Let us know if you need help in any step of the process. We'll be here for you.