Missing updates from us? Don’t worry, we haven’t gone anywhere.

We’ve got quite a few tweaks and improvements to enrich your GetSocial experience and give you some new tools to work with. From a Snapchat button, to branded domains on short links, enjoy this batch of product updates!

New Snapchat button (finally!)

If you thought Snapchat was going anywhere, think again.

Around this time in 2018, everyone was talking about Snapchat’s decline and how it would only continue.

However, it seems the social media app has really turned around this year with a revenue increase of 50% in Q3 2019, compared to the previous year. Moreover, the total daily time spent by users on the Discover tab increased by 40%.

This, of course, is quite a feat for an app currently battling the growing popularity of TikTok and all of Instagram’s advances to improve their Stories.

While this is exciting news for Snapchat, and a great opportunity for brands to improve their presence on the app, there’s more good news for our share buttons users.

Last month Snapchat extended their Creative Kit for Web, which enables users to share content via the messaging app from outside the app. That means we get to have a new Snapchat share button, available to all customers!

You can now add this button to your website and encourage your users to share your content through Snapchat.

New option for Viral Alerts & Automation: Shares on Top X

Our Viral Alerts and Social Automation features have a small addition to their triggers, allowing users to act on the most shared stories.

In the context of Viral Alerts, you can now be notified whenever a story enters the Top X most shared stories (‘X’ being the variable defined by you).

For example, if X equals 5, that means you’ll be notified when a new story is among the top 5 most shared stories. On the other hand, if X equals 1, you’ll be notified when a story is the most shared story of all.

In Social Automation’s context, that means you’ll automatically publish a story to Facebook when it enters the Top X most shared stories (assuming it respects all other current conditions).

Branded domains for short links

Ever wanted your short links to showcase your brand?

You may have previously noticed that when using our share buttons to send something over Twitter or WhatsApp, our services automatically shorten your URL to something like scl.io/J9trsED.

We do this to reduce the message (especially important for Twitter, considering its character limit), as well as aesthetic reasons.

However, we know some of our customers have wanted to be able to customize this for a while. Now you can!

If you want to customize this link and have your own shortened domain instead of scl.io, head over to our Knowledge Base for all the steps or feel free to contact us at support@getsocial.io for help.

*This feature is only available for Grow, Expand and Enterprise plans.

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