Product Update: A New Social Media Automation Platform

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Social Media is here to stay. New networks may emerge while old ones evolve (or simply disappear). Yet, user bases continue to rise and adapt at rapid rates (private messaging apps and Instagram are great examples).

The main challenges for Social Media Marketers are clearer than ever:

  • A significant 40% of marketers don’t know if their Facebook marketing is working (SME Report 2017);
  • According to the same study, 95% of marketers either don’t know or have seen a decline in Facebook News Feed exposure over the last 12 months;
  • A significant 64% of marketers are using social media for 6 hours or more and 41% for 11 hours or more weekly. It’s interesting to note that nearly 20% of marketers spend more than 20 hours each week on social media (that’s a part-time job right here).

So, at the end of the day, we have professionals that spend too much time planning and executing their strategies and yet struggle to make the most out of Social.

This set the tone for the developments we’re hereby presenting. Over the last couple months, and with the feedback gathered over the last quarters from customers and partners, we’ve been renewing our Facebook Automation Platform.

Here’s a list of the main updates of this feature:

  • New Automation Rule Manager: you can now create multiple concurrent rules for automation. Rules are automation settings that trigger a post on a Facebook Page.
  • Facebook Page Selector: tailored for multi-brand companies, allows for selection of multiple Facebook Pages to post to. Useful for cross post strategies.
  • Ignoring old content: avoids content older than a set date to be automatically posted on a Facebook Page.
  • Ignore content posted on the page: verifies if the post was already posted by GetSocial or by anyone on the page (manually).
  • Location/Path Selector: allows automating content based on its URL structure, with options to Include and Exclude paths. A user may exclude content from the /travel section to be automated, for example.
  • Meta Tag Selector: allows automating content based on its URL meta tags (name & property types). A user may automate only content from author “John Doe”, for example.
  • Custom Automation Triggers: On v1, automation would be triggered based on GetSocial’s virality score. On v2, a user may select custom triggers in a time and engagement dimensions. For example, a user may automate any content that had more than 350 shares on Facebook during the last week.
  • New Delivery Settings: On v1, a user could select for a fully automated solution (post x articles during a specific time window) or use a scheduling tool (post articles at specific dates & times). On v2, a user may use one of three settings:

These are the main changes for the v2 launch of automation. Feel free to reach out to for any feedback you may have.

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João Romão is a founder & CEO at GetSocial.

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