Product update: GDPR tools for you and your audience

Hello everyone, the product team would like to let you know about some updates we’ve made to our product to facilitate compliance with GDRP.

We’ve deployed two updates to our product. One affects you and the other your audience.

Removing/Forgetting your website Subscribers

One of our features (Subscriber Bar) allows you to gather emails from your audience. We call them subscribers.

Some of our clients started getting requests to be forgotten on their websites, and we needed to assure this was an easy process for everyone.

As such, we’ve developed a feature that allows our customers to delete one or more email subscriptions from their GetSocial database.

This is grant an easy way for you to delete these records on your own desire or if you’re asked by your users for them to be forgotten. Product-wise, this is what we’ve done to facilitate the regulatory transition.

Marketing-wise, we’re also offering a new opt-out page for all our users. You can visit it at GetSocial – Opt Out.

On this page, you’ll be able to update your subscription preferences, switching between or removing any further communication from the following moments:

  • Marketing communication from GetSocial
  • Product results & insights
  • Blog Newsletter
  • Whitepapers & Research

We hope that these updates improve your experience (and your users’) with us.

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