Product Update: the Messaging Apps Frenzy is HERE!

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Hey, everyone!

Our monthly product update just came back from a small hiatus with a great feature to users who are executing a mobile first approach to content creation.

We’ve updated our share bars with new channels so it’s easier for your users to share your content through private messaging apps such as:

  • WhatsApp
  • Viber
  • Line
  • Slack
  • SMS

Yes, never underestimate the power of SMS. Did you know it has an average open rate of 98%?

91% of Social Referrals are Copy & Paste

All these instant messaging (IM) systems have something in common: since they are much more targeted, as users are communicating in a 1-to-1 or 1-to-few basis, the clickthrough rates are much higher, usually in the 80% — 90% range.

This is one of the ways that you can empower your most engaged fans to share your content with their friends.

By the way, we’ve just published a case study (which got to #1 at GrowthHackers, so you should really check it out) showing how important these IM platforms are for content producers and news outlets and we unveil amazing data about dark social shares and the traffic it generates.

If you have an interesting story about mobile sharing, we would love to hear it!

Improved Mobile Experience

We value customer support. In fact, we even incentivize it throughout our product with constant call-to-actions to help you. We do it because support provides us fantastic feedback on the issues, concerns, and frustrations our users are feeling.

One of the most common (and recent) ones regards the mobile experience and coexistence of some GetSocial features. Several of you asked for a simple way to Hide some feature on Mobile Devices.

As such, we’ve launched an update that allows the following features to be hidden on Mobile Devices:

  • Hello Buddy
  • Welcome Bar
  • Subscribe Bar

To toggle the visibility of those features, just select the desired option under Hide on Mobile?

That’s it. Have a fantastic week.

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João Romão is a founder & CEO at GetSocial.

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