Transparency — a note about Customer Support

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You’ve probably heard these names, you’ve probably talked to us, we’ve probably (and hopefully) helped you. You are the one making GetSocial possible but these are the people who are there, every day, to help you.

We’re four. We share a couple of tables in an office in Lisbon, Portugal. We’re GetSocial, nice to finally meet you.

Together, we defined our core values for this company. Transparency & Operational Excellence. It’s because of the latter that we’re humbly exercising the former.

Thanks to you, we grew. A lot. We ended February’15 with about 2.000 websites using GetSocial. We will end February’16 with about 80.000.

Tremendous growth comes at a cost. Stellar support has always been one of our core priorities, and you have been unimaginably kind by valuing that publicly in both WordPress Reviews and Shopify Reviews.

Every day, we’re proud to help anywhere between 50–80 users, on a (very) timely manner, with the best support and results we can deliver. But by doing so, we can’t keep up with developing the product you need to grow your websites, our ultimate goal.

So, what’s changing?

Together, we discussed how we could maintain our support level and quality and the best analogy we could find was to work as an emergency room.

If your need is critical (we stopped serving your website or we’ve broken something), all hands will be on deck to swiftly help you. If it’s not, we’ll have certain slots during our weekly sprints to cover all the remaining non-urgent tickets you might create.

Paying customers will remain having priority over free users. After all, they’re allowing us to do what we love.

We felt we should share this with you. We hope you understand why we’re doing it.

Yours truly,
João, António, Daniel & Tiago. The GetSocial team.

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João Romão is a founder & CEO at GetSocial.

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