Announcing a Partnership with WP Slimstat

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At almost 500 million page views processed per month, over 30 million shares and over 30,000 websites on a massive list of 79 countries, the GetSocial network continues to grow at a super rapid rate.

After building up this massive volume, we are thrilled to announce that our work has been recognized and validated through a partnership with Slimstat, a leading WordPress analytics provider & plugin. As one of the largest plugins of its type, Slimstat has turned to us to become their social analytics & insights provider to enhance their product.

What does Slimstat do?

Slimstat is a WordPress plugin that helps you track your audience, content and user flow. It’s dashboard is similar to what you might find in other analytics providers, like Google Analytics, with a big difference as it saves all of your data within your WP database without consuming too much space.

Also, you don’t have to leave your WordPress environment to access your data. Slimstat’s dashboard is accessible from your WordPress admin, where you’ll find insights about page views, visitors, traffic sources, referrals, geolocation, bounce rates, and just about everything you might expect from a proper analytics plugin. Due to its nature, Slimstat also has a few WordPress specific analytics available, such as tracking top tags, categories, and recent queries. It is very customizable, reputable and well-built product.

So, what’s the partnership?

Right. Slimstat was great providing real-time analytics about how users visited and navigated through a website. However, we thought they could also add value to their users’ experience by allowing them to know which posts were performing best on social networks. With that in mind and using our SharesCount API, we worked with them to provide instant social sharing analytics about their users’ websites.

This means that from now on, every Slimstat user has free and quick access to its websites’ social sharing data, with information about Top Shared Posts, and a drill-down on each social network.

Here’s an example from our own blog:

How does it work?

It’s pretty simple as the team at Slimstat managed to design a super simple experience in order to active social sharing tracking with GetSocial in their plugin. Here’s a detailed step-by-step with a video explaining how to activate the feature.

  1. Download WP SlimStat plugin for WordPress (here). They have over 1.5 million downloads (!!) and a sheer perfect rating (people can’t be wrong).
  2. On the newly created menu on the left, click Slimstat and then Site Analysis
  3. On the top of your screen, activate the Social Sharing Analytics by GetSocial feature
  4. Enjoy.

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João Romão is a founder & CEO at GetSocial.

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