Helping you succeed: ADEXT Testimonial

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GS: What does ADEXT do?

Natalia: As a company, our mission is to change the world by connecting businesses of all sizes with potential customers that are already looking for what they offer.

How we’re making this possible?

Through fully automated online advertising campaigns powered by Artificial Intelligence. So, ADEXT is basically like putting your sales and lead generation on autopilot.

GS: What triggered the need for a software like GetSocial?

Natalia: Content is king, but Distribution is queen! This means that you can spend all your money, time and effort doing all this amazing content…and that’s ok! But, if you don’t find the right ways to promote it, to distribute it and to increase its reach, then you couldn’t do any good! And this is why GetSocial is becoming such a great ally!

GS: Why GetSocial? And how useful has GetSocial been to you?

Natalia: We chose GetSocial because it offers a great variety of convenient tools. Apart from this, they always provide an excellent service to us, helping us with all of our questions and requests.

With the sharing icons of our blog, we are giving every single reader the possibility to share our content with friends and colleagues, which has extended our reach and connected us to new audiences.

Action bars and friendly pop-ups help us drive more traffic and leads to our website, contributing to achieving our mission of helping more businesses grow with ADEXT Artificial Intelligence.

GS: To whom would you recommend GetSocial?

Natalia: I would highly recommend GetSocial to every Social Media or Content Marketer that is looking for an effective and simple way to promote its content to reach and attract new potential audiences.

So, I couldn’t be happier to be part of the GetSocial Club!

P.S.: GetSocial Club is an initiative made to share the business stories of our customers and show how we take part on that path to success, according to their testimonials.

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João Romão is a founder & CEO at GetSocial.

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