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GS: What does Web Analytics World do?

Fiona: Web Analytics World focuses on all things analytics and we’re lucky to have a host of very talented expert bloggers who help us curate knowledge for our international audience(s).

Fiona Roddis, has a wide experience of administration and organisation across a range of industries. She maintains that transferring her skills into a digital environment has been a fun challenge! She takes care of the Web Analytics Blog and Bloggers, and actually seems to enjoy creating order from potential chaos.

GS: What triggered the need for a software like GetSocial?

Fiona: We needed a new social media sharing platform because the one we were using was conflicting with our server and kept running suspicious processes while also not reliably allowing our users to share our content. We hunted around and discovered GetSocial — it was love at first install!

GS: Why GetSocial? And how useful has GetSocial been to you?

Fiona: It’s a great plugin, works well, does exactly what we need and has some really great functionality like mobile specific share bars and various integration capabilities. What we love best though, above and beyond how great the plugin is, is the customer support. Hugo (Customer Success Officer) and the rest of the team always go above and beyond and get us sorted out and back on track (on the very rare occasions something goes wrong) asap.

GS: To whom would you recommend GetSocial?

Fiona: We recommend GetSocial to all our clients and it’s our go-to plugin when creating new web builds. We also recommend it to the students who are moving through our MSc and DMB programs.

P.S.: GetSocial Club is an initiative made to share the business stories of our customers and show how we take part on that path to success, according to their testimonials.


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João Romão is a founder & CEO at GetSocial.

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