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Disclaimer: this is digital history, with product screenshots going back to 2014.

Social media marketing is a tough space. It’s brutal. Every time you Google social media tools or how-to guides you get these long posts on “47 tools” or “61 software” that will help you achieve your goals.

In this crowd, it’s hard to make yourself visible and let potential users know who you are and what you do. In this post, my goal is to give you a quick glance of what you can achieve with GetSocial.

Feel free to reach out and provide feedback on our tools as your feedback will help us build a better product. Let’s get started.

As context, hundreds of companies from every size and segment use GetSocial. Having said that, we find that our software is most effective in the e-Commerce & Content verticals. Newspapers, in particular, work great for us (we’ll soon drill down on this data in our blog).

Regardless of your site’s size or segment, there are some core functionalities that are commonly used in GetSocial. Here’s a quick overview on 5 of them:

1) Custom Sharing Actions: Yes, GetSocial is all about sharing. Unlike our competition, we offer the option of creating your own sharing buttons. Sometimes people need a different way to express themselves. ‘Agree/Disagree’ buttons might make more sense on an online newspaper than a Like Button. When your users click on these buttons they create a personalized story on Facebook, with their chosen action.

2) Comparing User Behavior: For us, a social user is someone who has shared at least once on your website. And for us, it’s paramount that you understand the difference between social users and non-social users. On the users section you’re able to compare visits per user and page views per user. You can also measure the impact of your shares through leads per user and leads per share.

3) Tracking user sharing: Several tools tell you what’s being shared. We tell you who’s sharing. By identifying your users you’ll be able to fully comprehend social media on a user-level, see which users are sharing the most and how they’re generating traffic and conversions, and find your true influencers (see also: 3 Reasons you’re looking for the wrong influencers)

Identify the true influencers: those who generate traffic and conversions

4) Tracking social networks’ performance: In social media, you need data to understand where to invest your time and money. GetSocial tracks traffic generation and conversions on each social network you use. This way, you’ll understand which networks or efforts are driving your business.

Organize your social media investment based on returns of each network

5) Measuring Copy & Paste sharing: Tracking shares from social sharing buttons is great, but there are loads of users who share by copying and pasting the URL in the address bar. GetSocial tracks this sharing behavior and reports it along with shares on social networks.

We hope we’re building a great product and that it goes in line with your social media needs.

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João Romão is a founder & CEO at GetSocial.

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