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A link to the future - Introducing our Social Link Builder & Analyzer

Recently, I reflected about the fundamental flaws of UTM codes.

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New Pricing: Cross-plan analytics & Alerts + Social Automation

On our last post, we informed we were dropping our free plan. We also reflected on some of the reasons that had led to such decision. Today, we'd like to continue that rational and introduce our new pricing structure.

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Announcement: We're dropping our Free plan

May 22nd, 2014. Our first user created a GetSocial account. We still remember that day as the beginning of something we weren't sure about. The team had come from a failed 9-month long experience in eCommerce tech. Motivation wasn't at the top but we wanted to build something new, something great.
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The fundamental flaw with UTM codes

UTM codes are a mandatory tool for professionals working with social media or traffic analysis.

For those who aren’t familiar with this term, UTM stands for Urchin Tracking Module, a common marketing practice, used by marketers & social media managers to associate traffic to specific sources (social, search, Facebook, Google, Christmas campaign, etc.).

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How Technology Will Impact Journalism In 2017

During 2015, Google set out to launch its Digital News Initiative (DNI). Their goal? To support journalism through technology and innovation.

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