Introducing Conversions: event tracker for all your social media activities


When Drucker and Lord Kelvin said “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it” I’m sure they weren’t thinking of social media.

Yet, while being leaders in Business and Physics, they were right. For one to improve, one must measure. Data has become a ubiquitous commodity but sometimes, it’s volume, is overwhelming.

Social Media is no exception from the rule. Too many professionals still spend their time on bland, vague, meaningless metrics. But that is changing, fast.

Long gone are the days where professionals would pitch only metrics like reach or likes. “I want to order a pizza, I’ll pay with likes” must have become a managerial mantra all around the globe.

As marketers increased their needs of understanding, they turned to us for help. Already providing a lot of context on public and dark social data, we started listening to them.

We’ve made this journey with customers and partners, a journey of business questions our product answers to.

It started with HOW MANY: how many shares are being made on our content?
Followed with WHERE: where is our audience sharing such content?
Moving on to HOW: is the audience sharing through a button or through copy-paste of links?
Until it reached WHAT: how much traffic are these shares generating us?

Which led us to today: WHY?

  • Why is this important for a marketer?
  • Why is this relevant for a social media team?
  • Is this connected to our business goals?

Introducing Conversions

Different teams, different companies, they all have different goals.

Some may foster traffic (clicks) while others strive for paid subscriptions. An email marketer will streamline her subscriber list while revenue managers will focus on ad revenue.

Yet, it’s complicated to match these needs to the social actions of their audiences.

    • Is Twitter better than Pinterest because we have more shares?
    • How does Facebook compare to Dark Social, in sales?
    • Are our Linkedin viewers spending more time on our content than Reddit’s?

These are all questions one could only guess, either from gut or experience.

But how can you improve something you’re only guessing?

That’s why we developed GetSocial Conversions.

It takes the social context of our user and adds a conversion event to it.


You’ll be able to create multiple conversion events that suit your needs. From there, you can start answering the following questions:

    • Which content has brought us more leads?
    • Which social network was responsible for more sales?
    • Which user was really influential for our brand?

It’s the same approach for the GetSocial context, now with conversion moments:


This feature is now available for testing. If you want to know more, request a demo and mention that you’re interested in the Conversions feature.

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João Romão is a founder & CEO at GetSocial.

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