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Our latest product updates:

  • Update on the Viral Alerts Feature
  • Google Tag Manager Integration
  • New Insights Reports

For those with a little more time…

Over the last few months, we’ve been focusing on expanding our business and bringing new customers up to speed. Throughout the third quarter, we developed several new projects and welcomed customers with massive websites.

As we wanted to maintain this trend, both our engineering and product teams battled for their own roadmaps, something that can be crazy to manage at times. Ultimately, we spent the last few months optimizing and developing for scale, something that was greatly needed.

Once those processes were completed, we were able to circle back into our product roadmap and developed a few, long-requested, features.

An improved Viral Alerts System

Our Alerts feature notifies our customers once their content is becoming viral. The first version of the feature would automatically define which content should be considered for analysis, removing outliers (low and high) and focusing on the others.

As that removed some control for our customers, we removed this ‘relevance threshold’ and added a new field for the condition builder. Now, you can define an alert based on a minimum or maximum number of sessions an article receives.

With it, you’ll be able to create queries such as the following:

If you activate this alert, you’ll be notified once an article receives more than 1,000 visits, at least 100 shares or more than 500 visits coming from shares (referrals) in a single day.

You can learn all about the renewed Viral Alerts feature on our knowledge base.

A new integration: Google Tag Manager

As bigger customers join GetSocial, new needs start to appear on our feedback surveys. One thing we’ve learned over the last few years: the bigger the company, the bigger the challenges to implement code on their websites.

As we’re now mainly working with Audience Development, Social Media or Content Marketing teams, it has become unusual for these folks to refer us to their development teams. In fact, most of them use some sort of Tag Manager software to implement their MarTech stack. Without surprise, Google Tag Manager is amongst the most used.

With this in mind, and apart from our current Google Tag Manager tutorial, we developed a native integration that allows any GTM user to install GetSocial on their website without handling any code.

You can learn all about this new integration on our knowledge base.

A new Insights Report

Many of our customers are agencies or teams that produce reports to their peers and, obviously, bosses (we all have them).

We wanted to facilitate these processes as we shift into a more constant presence in our customers’ daily tasks. Because we live and breathe on top of data, we decided to make the most out of it, and automatically produce relevant content about our user’s data.

On our new reports, you’ll find stats about what the best days and hours to post are, top performing content and even the power of your social users.

Here are some screenshots of this new feature:

How are people sharing your content?
When should you be posting your content? When is your audience sharing it?

Along the way, we’ll transform this from an automated email into a self-service report system, where you’ll be able to push whatever data you want or define a specific cadence to receive such information.

And that’s a wrap. We hope these developments are able to improve your experience. We’re always looking for more feedback on how we can enhance our product. Feel free to contact us at support@getsocial.io and share with us your ideas.

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João Romão is a founder & CEO at GetSocial.

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