Product Update: a new onboarding + Enterprise API

product update

We redesigned our onboarding experience: we now focus on your challenges to adapt our solution. We call it a goal-oriented experience instead of feature-oriented (here).

We launched an Enterprise API (here)

1) Goal-oriented onboarding

After we focused our product roadmap in more value-driven features (analytics, automation, attribution), we completely changed the persona of customers that use GetSocial.

Over the last year, we went from small websites looking for affordable share tools to prominent publishers and brands in need of dark social analytics.

Although our positioning changed, and so did our product, the way we onboard new customers stayed put.

During a team offsite, we set out to define the most common personas using GetSocial and build a new onboarding experience around them. We wanted to provide goal-driven value and remove relevance from the feature-list itself.

We ended up identifying three different profiles, as follows:

  • The Audience Developer: whose goal is to drive traffic & engagement growth with her audiences.
  • The Data Analyst: whose goal is to analyze large data sets and provide insights on which strategies to pursue. A human-bridge between the Audience Developer and the Social Media Marketer;
  • The Social Media Marketer: whose goal is to make the most out of available insights and distribute content on social media in the most efficient & effective way.

Once it was clear to us such profiles, we paired them with existing (and planned future) features, in a way that could make the onboarding process and the forthcoming user experience simpler.

This is what we came up with:

A Simpler 3-step journey: Account Info on Step 1

Goal-oriented Step 2

Multiple goals can be selected and may help different personas (e.g. an Audience Developer wants to increase sharing & traffic but may also want to automate social media pages).

Setup-Oriented Step 3

Providing quick ways to get everything up & running:

  • You can get the installation script code yourself;
  • You can use one of our plugins (WordPress/WooCommerce, Shopify, Google Tag Manager)
  • You can send a pre-made email to your tech team;
  • You can ask for live chat support;

After prioritizing your goals and needs, we’ll adapt the experience towards them:

2) Enterprise API

During the last month, we also developed an API to be accessed by our customers. One can use it to access GetSocial API endpoints, which provide data access to sharing statistics of news articles in public social networks & private messaging apps.

We have it in beta while being tested and used by select partners:

  • One publisher in Germany is dynamically populating the “most viral stories” section of their homepage with real-time data.
  • One agency in the US is pulling all social shares data from GetSocial to feed their existing dashboard (which lives in a huge TV-screen in their office).

If you’d like to know more about how to use the GetSocial API, let us know at

That’s all for today, we hope that these developments suit you well and that we can keep on delivering value to you, everyday.

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João Romão is a founder & CEO at GetSocial.

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