Internship Testimonial: João Correia

Get to know our Summer Interns Class of 2017 and their feedback on the “endless summer” they had here at the office.

A quick introduction?

JC: My name is João Correia, I’m 21 years old. I just finished my bachelor’s degree in Management at Nova School of Business and Economics and decided to join Faber Ventures’s Summer Internship, where I was given the opportunity to work at GetSocial (one of Faber’s portfolio companies) as Social Media, Community Manager, and Digital Marketer.

How did you get to GetSocial?

JC: When I first applied for Faber Ventures Summer Internship, I made a lot of research and found out really cool startups in their portfolio which I was willing to work with. GetSocial was within this group. When I checked GetSocial’s website, I was already fascinated by content creation and management, being myself an avid consumer of big publications such as Business Insider, Lifehacker, Mashable, Huff Post, etc. Therefore, it captivated me how they were helping content creators. There was also this new thing that I’ve never heard of called Dark Social. As soon as I was accepted in Faber Ventures SI, and got to know that I would be working at GetSocial for the next two and half months, I was completely thrilled to start.

João on the creative process of GetSocial institutional video
What have you done during the internship?

JC: As I said before, I performed three different roles during this Summer internship: Social Media, Community Manager, and Digital Marketer. For me, the tasks that these roles comprised were the perfect combo, because I could merge the analytics background learned during the past 3 years with my creativity. For instance, as soon as I began my internship I had to audit the social media channels from both GetSocial and their competitors while reporting several KPI’s. Furthermore, whenever I created new content, I had to measure its impact.

Regarding the creative part of the job, I loved it! Luckily, I had a team that gave me the freedom to try whatever I wanted to. One of the projects that I liked the most was our new institutional video. Also, creating GS Club was very rewarding, because I could see how we were helping our customers achieve success.

Did this experience meet your expectations? Would you recommend to future interns?

JC: I’ve accumulated already several professional experiences, this being the 3rd Summer Internship I’ve done. By far, this one was the best! And, for sure, it overcame all my expectations. It’s all about the startup life! When I’m saying this, I don’t mean that we play all day long and it’s all fun and games. Yes, we do have a lot of fun, but that’s because we’re a group of responsible, committed people who believe in what we’re doing. When comparing with my previous corporate experiences, I can point out how easier and faster you learn because of the continuous feedback (we used to gather twice a week to present our work, share some ideas, clarify some doubts, whatever we wanted to talk about to improve our Summer here at the office) and the relaxed environment. Adding to all this, you feel that the team believes in you and that your work is as valued as anyone else’s. For all these reasons, I strongly recommend a Summer Internship at GetSocial!

Out of the office…

João is a 21-year-old young man who is always eager to spend his time playing football, traveling, and reading as much as he can. A perfect day for him would always end with a huge dinner cooked by himself for all his friends and some dancing moves afterward.

Fun fact: whilst in Erasmus, João and two Portuguese friends threw a party where they served 20 francesinhas!

Another year has passed and yet here we are, once again, celebrating a very qualified, curious and capable group of talented young people. It never ceases us to amaze the sheer desire to contribute that people like João & Sara bring to the company. Even early in their professional lives, the value they were able to bring to the table was amazing.

On behalf of the entire GetSocial team, we appreciate the great work done and sincerely endorse our Summer Internship Class of 2017. Thank you, João and Sara.

João Romão, Founder & CEO at GetSocial

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João Romão is a founder & CEO at GetSocial.

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