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Our New Virality Score is live

Social isn't getting any easier, we know.

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Awarding our users - Introducing GetSocial's Referral Program

It's been a ride. We're now 120.000 websites strong and we're interacting with hundreds of users every week.

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How measuring Attention can drive publishers traffic - Introducing Engagement Score

Scarcity: Today, that should be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Social Marketing.

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How to attribute Social Traffic in Google Analytics

Here at GetSocial we're lucky to have an incredible community of bloggers, website and business owners giving precious feedback about our product every day.

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Facebook News Feed Changes: How To Survive The Reach Crush

Facebook News Feed changed. Again. The first alarms went off in Menlo Park last year: Facebook users were sharing less, Facebook's news feed was getting cluttered. A report published by The Information even mentioned an astonishing 21% drop in shares and updates made by active users.

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